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About David Reid

David Reid is an independent artist with over 30 years of art practice. David first exhibited his work at the Shanghai At Fair in 2005 and was invited to return in 2006, when he was awarded a grant by the Government of South Australia. With this assistance he has continued to develop his relationship with Asia’s most exhilarating city, regularly traveling to Shanghai.

David’s approach has attracted attention from Chinese art professors and curators alike and his works are sold in Australia, China and around the world. His series of works including a five panel painting and the work River Rocks X was recently purchased for the On the North Project – the Shanghai Yacht Club and Marina.

David has developed a unique way of making paintings and works on paper, which employs some of the major ideas and explores many of the materials found in Chinese art yet never seeks to imitate them. David’s work has taken many years of patient development to come to its present fruition, and it sometimes contains quirky or humorous references as well as large ideas. His use of shape, color and negative space are immediately recognizable to audiences in Shanghai and have drown much attention.

Contact Information:
+61 412047490 (Australia)
+86 13681710074 (China)
+886 975493533 (Taiwan)

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