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Coming Home 回家

December 22, 2012

Coming Home

Bicycles have always played an important role in daily life. Getting people to work, keeping people fit, and shaping the green environment.

China has always been associated with bicycles. David Reid’s “Coming Home” work reflects this aspect of Chinese culture.

This also adds another layer of meaning to coming home and rejoining the family. David has learned the “family is everything” in China. This is the theme of these paintings.

自行车在我们的日常生活中是非常重要的交通工具。 很多人骑自行车去工作,或是把它当作运动健身工具,因为它不排放污染,所以也有很多人提倡骑自行车来保护环境。
中国人的生活与自行车是密不可分的。 雷大卫「回家」系列作品,其灵感来自于中国自行车文化。
但由于中国人对家庭的重视,所以雷大卫结合了骑着自行车回家,和家人团聚的意涵在他的画里。 这也是「回家」系列作品的中心主轴。

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