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Ceramic Work Produced in Jingdezhen China in August

October 2, 2012

After three years of visiting Jingdezhen, I think its five different excursions, I feel I’m really making progress with the ceramics.
Jingdezhen as you would know is the ceramic centre of china and perhaps the world has been for the past thousand plus years.

In this new group of works some big strides both technically and aesthetically.
The wok is much more integrated into my whole artistic ende…vours.
The figure ground relationship is working well.
In other words the painted bits and the unpainted bits and the relationship between the two is much more graphic and in balance.
Gesture is for me the most remarkable feature of ceramic painting.
Every subtle nuance of the line , hesitation, speedup and increase in brush pressure is visible once the work is fired.
Its the directness. One can see the mind in the brushstroke.
I’ve deliberately chosen cobalts that have a lot of range from dark to light .
And in some cases a natural overlay o darker tones in the line.

I’m pleased with the bowls and jars they have a strong graphic quality initiated often by working off the shape of the vessel.
I’d be interested in your reaction.

At this stage everything is available and can be shipped DHL worldwide.
I cover the risk.

Contact info for David Reid
+86 13681710074


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